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DiRtY sExY FuNNy

"I was hooked every time she took the stage"

"Lucy is the epitome of professional and shone no matter the genre"

 -Perth Happenings, 2021

Set your faces to stun! It’s Lucy Lovegun!

Gird your loins because this babe is pure glam rock with the moves to shock and energy as high as her hair!

The Lovegun is a fully automated weapon of sound with no safety, with armor-piercing bullets that will hit you straight between the thighs. A dangerously kooky mix of Lucille Ball and Pat Benatar, Lucy quickly gained notoriety for her exuberant performances establishing herself as a prominent figure in the West Australian burlesque scene not only as a performer but a devoted mentor and teacher of the art of tease.


A self-proclaimed erotic clown Lucy is no stranger to fancy hats

She is the only two-time title holder of Miss Burlesque Western Australia.

Having first claimed the title in 2014 as blushing debutant Lucy came back six years later with new tricks and shticks to earn the title once more in 2020.

Lucy is the current reigning Miss Burlesque Australia Entertainer of the Year
& recently returned from Las Vegas where she achieved the coveted title of Miss Viva Las Vegas 2nd runner up.


After tearing up stages and snatching titles with her balls to wall style of burlesque throughoutAustralia, Singapore,USA, the UK and Europe Lucy had the honour in 2018 of touring Australia as a national headliner for the Australian Burlesque Festival and in 2021 headlined the Perth International Burlesque Festival.

She’s the glamour spud with a well beat mug, Lucy Lovegun!

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